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Frequently Asked Questions

A few Frequently Asked Questions to help quickly answer any queries you may have.

► What makes Gray Associates catalogue production services different?

Gray Associates are leaders in the specialised field of catalogue design, catalogue production and catalogue printing. Our team includes qualified and experienced professionals in both marketing and design who combine to ensure the catalogues we produce not only look great, but also generate improved sales.

We also ensure the catalogues we produce are created in a fast and efficient manor and we pride ourselves on getting things right first time. Our quality control systems ensure both consistency and accuracy, saving time and money.

Our vast catalogue production experience means we are able to streamline production and provide very competitive production rates.

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1. We will produce free production estimates based on price per page
2. We will produce free catalogue design and layout proposals

► What catalogue production services do you offer?

For most of the projects we produce we create the catalogue design, catalogue artwork through to catalogue printing. However, for some clients we may just create the page artwork if that is all they require

Additionally there are a number of further services we can offer:
• Product photography
• Mailing and postage fulfilment
• Sourcing mailing lists
• Organising insertion into magazines
• Marketing communications, promoting the company or catalogue. More Information

► How can your Product Information Management System (PIM) help catalogue production?

Here at Gray Associates we have invested in a high end PIM system. This is essential if you want to efficiently produce multi page catalogues. The PIM system makes producing your catalogues cheaper and faster without inhibiting our high standards of catalogue design.

Your catalogue data is entered into the PIM system, either manually or by linking to a database with your product pictures and logos. From there we have all the content needed to start your catalogue production.

We then automate the catalogue production so the content drops direct onto pages. This obviously saves a great deal of time and therefore money. Amendments and additions to your catalogue are entered direct into the PIM system and automatically update on the page.

This also means that future updates to your catalogue can be done very easily by simply entering the changes into the PIM system and updating the previous pages. This data can also be used to create other smaller catalogues, email campaigns, your website or any other marketing communications activity.

If you would like a demonstration and no obligation estimates and designs, please get in touch.

► Can you improve on our current catalogue design and catalogue production?

It is generally the case that when we undertake a new catalogue production project for a new customer who has an existing catalogue they are wanting to:
• Improve their current catalogue design
• Improve the response rates and order vales
• Find a more competitively priced supplier
…… generally all of the above!

Our expert catalogue design team can work within your identity guidelines and create layouts that look stunning. This is done alongside our marketing experts who can advise on techniques that improve both response rates and order value, these include:
• Best use of sales hot spots
• How to highlight hero products
• Suitable pace and density of product entries on pages
• Possible inclusion of “stopper pages”
• Catalogue size and format

► We have not produced a catalogue before, can you help?

Over the years we have assisted numerous companies with their first catalogue production. This will be the most challenging catalogue you will produce, it is therefore imperative to appoint a company that knows this specialist market.

We can hold your hand throughout the process and make the catalogue production as stress free as possible. We can show examples of previous catalogue design case studies and tailor a process that suits your way of working. Once this first edition is created you will find future updates become much simpler.

► How do we maximise our catalogue response?

There are a number of techniques that can assist you in generating improved response rates and order value from your catalogue production. Our marketing experts combine with our design team to ensure these are implemented across each page of your catalogue design.

Firstly we ensure the catalogue design is perfectly positioned for your target market and products and details are displayed clearly.

► Do you have any suggestions regarding catalogue printing?

In catalogue printing the economies of scale are very high. A short catalogue print run, for a multi page catalogue will therefore have a high unit cost. However, this does not mean it is not viable. The secret is to ensure catalogue printing is done on a press that is perfectly suited for the particular job.

There are hundreds of different types of catalogue printing machines and thousands of different catalogue printing companies. Here at Gray Associates we have a roster of catalogue print companies that cover every possible catalogue variation from a few pages to thousands of pages and from a small number of copies to millions of copies.

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